Diego Collazos
Architect | Urban Planner

Architect and urban planner, leading comprehensive community empowerment programs, sustainable urban planning initiatives, and architectural design projects throughout Latin America.

Comprehensive Architecture

Creative design solutions considering the existing local context and the clients’ needs in terms of functional spaces built in harmony with the urban environment. 

LP House | Santa Cruz, Bolivia
28B House | Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Santa Cruz Cultural Center | Santa Cruz, Bolivia
UCB Rectory Building | La Paz, Bolivia
CASCZ Office Building | Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Los Angeles Clinic | Cochabamba, Bolivia

Community building

School infrastructure construction for underprivileged vulnerable communities in a participatory design process with community empowerment strategies. 

Santa Elena de Piedritas School | Talara, Peru
San Francisco de Asis School | Cartagena, Colombia
Francisco Perez School | Ica, Peru
Maria Auxiliadora School | Ica, Peru

Design for development

Exploring how innovation in design impacts the built environment, focussing in research of different tools considering social and environmental factors to promote a more equitative development.

Prototype Classroom-Shelter | Haiti
Raramuri Ethnic School | Sisoguichi, Mexico
Sports Community Center | Moreno, Argentina
High Dense Social Housing | Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Partnerships in Urban Planning

Urban masterplan strategies in order to engage the private sector to invest in public realm infrastructure promoting Public-Private Partnerships.

Central Urban Park Upgrade | La Paz, Bolivia
Irpavi River Green Corridor | La Paz, Bolivia

Urban Policy for Development

Local governments’ involvement and the civil society’s engagement are key elements for the implementation of local urban policies and urban planning instruments, in order to promote good urban practices to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

La Paz Municipal Housing Policy | La Paz, Bolivia
Construction Rights Transfer | La Paz, Bolivia
Cobija Urban Agenda | Cobija, Bolivia
Riberalta Urban Agenda | Riberalta, Bolivia
Rurrenabaque Urban Agenda | Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
Trinidad Urban Agenda | Trinidad, Bolivia

Public Realm AppropRiation

Working collectively with local stakeholders, for the implementation of public space interventions, with the objective to advocate for walkable cities, promote cultural activities and empower local economic development.

13th Architectural Biennale Exhibition | La Paz, Bolivia
Las Brujas Tactical Urbanism | La Paz, Bolivia
San Miguel Tactical Urbanism | La Paz, Bolivia
San Miguel Tactical Urbanism | La Paz, Bolivia

Services Provided


From feasability studies to post ocupancy evaluation

Urban Planning

From policy making to public space interventions

Participatory planning/design

Community empowerment and social management strategies


Av. Kantutani 900 | La Paz | Bolivia

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