UCB Rectory Building - Hazlo con Sentido

UCB Rectory Building

EDUCATION Adaptive Reuse

Location | La Paz, Bolivia
Date | 2023

Team |
Franklin Antezana, Efraín Calle, Luis Chambi, Diego Collazos, Renor Linares, Uriel Torrez,

Client |
Universidad Católica Boliviana

Photos | Uriel Torrez

The project is based in the reuse of a former residential embassy house to implement the new rectory building of one the most prestigious universities in the city. The concept is based in preserving the architectural typology of the main building, and adapting the secondary existing building in accordance with the functional needs. The proposal increments public space generating small square, that complements the private existing gardens. 


Av. Kantutani 900 | La Paz | Bolivia

+591 71565879