Raramuri Ethnic School - Hazlo con Sentido

Raramuri ethnic school

Classroom Prototype Participatory Design

Location | Sisoguichi, Mexico
Date | 2009

Team |
Cristina Acosta
Diego Collazos

Client |
Antonio de Orenda School

Awards |
2009 OAC - Semi finalist

XI BAB Biennale - 3rd Place

III BASC Biennale - Honorable Mention

Raramuri’s ethnicity has a deep attachment to nature and “Mother Earth”, in this sense the proposal seeks to create a prototype model for a dynamic classroom with a strong emphasis in traditional permaculture systems that relates closely to their context. Also merging passive and cultural systems such as the “Lorena’s stove”, help reduce the strong climate conditions typical of the Sierra Tarahumara.


Av. Kantutani 900 | La Paz | Bolivia

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